Wellbeing Coaching & Counsel

Inspired by the works of Carl Gustav Jung and Jordan B Peterson to live life synchronised with our true nature aligning our reality and psyche creates completeness balance harmony acceptance and connection to our authentic self.

By acknowledging and facing the unhealed shards of our brokenness can we begin to understand the obstacles and subconscious barriers that sabotage soul progression evolution and expansion.

We experience we acknowledge we accept we grow we heal.

It is to my understanding that the most painful life experiences transcend throughout relationships and lifestyle choices unconsciously until the over soul activates, exploring the realms of deep soul rooted trauma which is trapped within the subconscious sometimes buried hidden within the chasms of soul amnesia. The soul always remembers and at certain points upon the journey activates a trigger to delve into the abyss where the psyche fully engages with the soul delivering the process of recovery, healing to self realisation and soul sovereignty.

​Soulfully Authentic aligning your authenticity and your true nature via the difficulties and trials of life upon your journey.

  • Anxiety stress & depression

  • Dysfunctional childhood trauma

  • Addictions

  • Grief

  • Sexuality

  • Narcissistic abuse

  • Faithlessness and none belief

  • Marriage & relationships

  • Parenting & family guidance

  • Business advice



I have a page on Facebook for my counsel called Soulfully Authentic 




One hour in person or FaceTime is £99 contribution.

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