I directly channel many different healing energies from the source including: Violet-Flame Ascended Master and Angel and Archangel also Cosmic Star Seed and Reiki energy which are all universal life force energies just from different dimensions. I also enjoy administering shamanic smudging and drumming also sound healing and crystal healing.  I also offer healing to pets and animals.

Violet-Flame Healing

Ascended Master Saint Germain is Lord of the seventh ray of the Violet Flame alongside Ascended Master Kuan Yin the Goddess of mercy also the Chohan of the Violet Flame. It is a sacred fire that exists within the higher dimensions and the ultimate purpose of the Violet Flame is to transmute denser energies, negative emotional feelings, actions, deeds, karma into a higher vibrational frequency. It is the essence of a spiritual light that can transform negative energy into positive. The Violet Flame also dissolves karmic etheric cords connected to past relationships, trauma or experiences trapped within the subconscious that the soul cannot shift resulting in blockages and emotional binds to past karmic experiences.  
Working with the flame allows us release our negative karma and to free ourselves of our past mistakes and burdens. It effectively gives us a clean slate to start again which resonates deeper within the realms of the soul connection. It also brings harmony in relationships by burning away negative feelings that we feel about ourselves or our partner. Working with the flame brings forgiveness for ourselves and others by helping us wash away old and negative habits and unwanted desires, creating a feeling of renewed sense of purpose and joy in life.  
The Violet Flame helps overcome blockages to healing by clearing the negative energy that we carry consciously and subconsciously.  
The qualities of the Violet Flame are freedom removing karmic etheric cords forgiveness and liberation of the soul.

Healing contribution is £55 via FaceTime or in person.

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