Cosmic Sound Healing

Cosmic Sound and Vibration Healing Everything in the Cosmos and Universe vibrates at a certain frequency nature, objects, all living creatures and also our bodies which are made up of atoms that vibrates at a unique resonant frequency which is called Hertz. The Om chanted in Tibetan meditations is a vibration that resonates at 432 Hz which in India is called Anahata meaning the heart chakra.  Each chakra within us operates on a different frequency, when all are aligned the vibration for each individual chakra creates a healthy vibration throughout the body with its natural universal flow.

Vibrations allow us to flow & harmonise with Universal and Cosmic energy as a complete being mind, body, soul & spirit. Sound healing encourages a healthy function of the chakra system, releases blockages & trapped energies within the chakras also to cleanse and neutralise auric fields, to calm the mind and very effective for stress relief. A healing consists of balancing and aligning your chakras, auric field and also relaxing and healing for the mind with the powerful attuned vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls, also Shamanic Drumming and other musical instruments & sounds with pleasant harmonic resonance. vibration sound healing can also assist with repairing DNA, encouraging cellular health and total well-being physically and spiritually.

I may also introduce crystals in the healing session together with the sound vibrations. Crystals are natures beautiful and powerful gifts of healing which also vibrate at different frequencies. To aid clearing and balancing of the chakras, to calm the mind and heal the soul and spirit. 1st CHAKRA Root – Muladhara Keynote: C Frequency: 256 Hz. Vowel: Uh Bija: Lam Element: Earth Shabd Sound: Thunder/Earthquake Energy: Grounding 2nd CHAKRA Sacral – Svadisthana Keynote: D Frequency: 288 Hz Vowel: Ooo Bija: Vam Element: Water Shabd Sound: Ocean Energy: Life Energy, 3rd CHAKRA Navel – Manipura Keynote: E Vowel: Oh Frequency: 320 Hz. Bija: Ram Element: Fire Shabd Sound: Roaring Fire Element: Fire Energy: Power 4th CHAKRA Heart – Anahata Keynote: F Frequency: 341. 3 Hz. Vowel: Ah Bija: Yam Element: Air Shabd Sound: Wind Energy: Compassion, Love 5th CHAKRA Throat – Vishuddhi Keynote: G Frequency: 384 Hz. Vowel: Eye Bija: Ham Element: Ether Shabd Sound: Crickets Energy: Communication, Creation 6th CHAKRA 3rd Eye – Ajna Keynote: A Frequency: 426.7 Hz. Vowel: Aye Bija: Sham Element: All Shabd Sound: Bells/Space Energy: Insight, Wisdom

7th CHAKRA Crown – Sahasrara Keynote: B Frequency: 480 Hz. Vowel: Eee Bija: Om Element: All Shabd Sound: Om Energy: Transcendence 


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