Transformation Process

Change is difficult and requires a courage that is usually lulling in the subconscious as an invisible yet intuitive process. Most transformation processes require some sacrifice of the 'old you' and your comfort zones especially regarding the ideals of change that need to take place which will then deliver the blessing of which you do not feel see sense or understand until that particular soul lesson has been initiated and then accomplished.

Most challenging experiences are to wake and shake us from the rigidity of self while at the same time offering the soul the chance to grow expand and learn and understand soul lessons and evolution which can achieved by experience which then becomes wisdom. The shedding of a new soul layer of you the mundane and suffocating energy of feeling stifled stuck and sometimes feeling lost or in limbo is usually the gateway of the universe directing you to a new discovery of self by means of unwrapping the hidden layers of your soul which have always been there but hidden until the perfect moment for your learning which is all divine timing.

When your soul is ready you will receive many signs or connections via the grace of synchronicity this is usually in the guise or disguise of opportunities miracles people situations tragedy or relationships. Your soul learning curve is to identify these opportunities and messages or messengers which may be ignored or simply not embraced or welcomed however, when the soul becomes aware of itself with alignment of balance which is the mind body spirit and soul then these opportunities for soul discovery which usually means the answers or conclusions of certain decisions we make the outcome will relate to what we needed to discover about our selves if we decide to grasp the opportunity or decide not to.

There are only two paradigms with life choices or soul choices light or dark yes or no there is not in between this is initiation which is usually processed via the lesson of patience discernment of soul and a fluidity of going with the flow of life which may also need your total commitment to attracting the the experiences to you via the intentions of your dreams goals life calling and desires for experiencing the life you have ever dreamed of by raising your vibration to attract with magnetism the soul lessons and blessings to you.

Love Bliss Bless x


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